I am a practitioner of energy work.  By this I mean I work within the human energy field and the spiritual consciousness.   I will speak briefly about these systems so and then go on to explain more about what I do.


We are much more then what our physical eyes can see. We, as well as all life forms, have an electromagnetic energy field that extends far beyond our perceived physical boundaries.  All electromagnetic fields touch and interact with all others.  All living systems have an overriding tendency to maintain or move toward a state of balance and equilibrium.  This is a key point to remember.  When a system is in perfect balance it may be referred to as coherent; it is constant, smooth and stable .  When a system is out of balance it may be referred to as incoherent and has erratic and dissimilar qualities.  


Living in human society within family and societal structures can impose perceived limitations and so, compromise the energy system and hence the physical body.  This is also true with regard to environmental toxins that can compromise the body and energy system. 


Living life within the world for most of us has created “limiting belief systems”. These are principles or ways of acting that are defined by culture or family.  We are taught to abide by these principles even though some may not be in alignment with our inner knowing or personal sense of truth.


In many instances we have shut down our senses when something has come up in our life that is too hard for us to feel in the moment.   Maybe the reaction we felt would not be accepted or honored or possibly understood.  Sometimes we have had such a shocking or traumatic experience we push the memory far within our cells and even forget that we had that experience.  It is a way of personal protection that we use so we can manage our lives. 


This compromise over time builds and eventually tips the human energy system out of balance.   When this happens physical deterioration begins and is observed as dis-ease states and even the aging process is accelerated because of this imbalance.  


There are various ways that the human energy system can be worked with to introduce elements of awakening to bring balance and/or coherence back into the system.  I speak of the system but whether it is the energy system or the spiritual consciousness or the physical body, all have consciousness and are linked to the whole human being.


As an energy worker I have gained vast experience working with the spiritual consciousness and human energy field.  I can maintain higher states of consciousness that can support an individual who is in a state of imbalance as described above.   One simple example of this can be demonstrated using a tuning fork with its inherent pure tone to tune an instrument.  As it is vibrating a pure frequency it can be used to tune a musical instrument that is out of tune.  If I introduce a pure frequency into the field of another human being there is a tendency for that human to incorporate that frequency and/or use it to resonate back into balance that aspect (or part) which is out of balance.   


Some methods I use to work with the human energy field involve the use of sound through voice or the use of an instrument such as a drum.  I also use the energy based work Frequencies of Brilliance (FOB), Amanae Brain Work (ABW) and Sexual Alignment Initiation (SAI). These practices use touch with sound and frequency.  There is one further method that I use which is the Trinfinty8: Healing Codes and Ascension Technology System.  It is similar to the other energy methods in that it uses information and vibrational resonance to bring about human body and spirit system changes.


All of these methods are described further on pages within this web site.   All of the work I do with the exception of Amanae Brain Work can be done as a distant healing work.  See the distant healing section for more information on what this is.   I also teach the Sexual Alignment Initiation workshop. If you would like to receive that work see that page.   See my Bio page for more about my background and for contact information.